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Book a free dance class to find the perfect fit before you commit


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FREE dance class


Peak Dance Company knows the importance of finding the perfect class for all our students. If you're not yet sure what that is, don't worry!


Sign up today for a FREE dance class in one or multiple styles to find the perfect fit! We are always excited to share our passion for dance and cannot wait for you to join the Peak Family!

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Dance Classes


Our registration works on a first-come, first-serve basis. Register early in order to guarantee your spots!

For in-person registration, please print off the forms below and bring them to the office.

Whether you choose to register online or manually (via a printed form), once registration is complete you will receive a confirmation email. Within that email, you will also be sent our Student Handbook, along with our studio waivers. All these documents do require a signature. Please return the signed documents before the first day of class, once you have had time to go through them.

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