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Our History

Welcome to Peak Dance Company! While new to the Niagara Region, our studio was first conceptualized in Vancouver, British Columbia, and successfully ran as a recreational, competitive and company dance studio for over a decade.

A new and exciting opportunity for our studio came along, bringing us out to the Niagara Region. With a big move and new chapter, it only seemed fitting that a new name be implemented as well. At Peak Dance Company we are committed to helping our dancers reach their highest potential, which is why it felt fitting to name our studio, "Peak Dance Company".


The instructors at Peak Dance Company are committed to helping our students grow into strong dancers, with a true appreciation for dance. With over two decades of experience in all genres of dance, we have sought out an extremely talented team from both Vancouver and the Niagara Region. We are very excited to share our passion, expertise and love for dance with you as we enter into our peak phase. We are excited for you to join our Peak Dance Family! 


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