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Charee Romo

Owner/Executive Director

Headshot of Charee Romo

Charee Romo's journey through dance is a testament to her deep passion and commitment to both the art form and teaching. Starting her dance journey at a young age with Ballet, she quickly expanded her repertoire under the guidance of a retired Broadway Choreographer in LA. This early exposure to various dance styles like Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary laid a strong foundation for her future endeavours.


As she grew older, Charee found herself drawn not only to dancing but also teaching and mentoring children. This love for working with young dancers became a significant part of her life, eventually leading her to open her own dance studio. Over the years, her studio flourished, expanding in size and reputation. Her dedication to excellence in dance education was evident through the success of her competitive groups, which consistently won top honours and choreography awards at numerous competitions.


Beyond competitions, Charee ensured her dancers had opportunities to perform in a variety of settings, from community events to prestigious venues and collaborations with brands like Ivivva and Lululemon. These experiences not only showcased her dancers' talents but also enriched their journey in the dance world.


Recently relocating to Niagara Falls, Charee is eager to continue sharing her passion for dance and the arts with the local community. Her story is one of perseverance, creativity, and a profound dedication to nurturing young dancers, inspiring them to achieve their best both on stage and in life.


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